Privacy Policy​

This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use the site and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy reveals the information gathered by from clients and informs the following:

  • Personal information is collected from the client, whom it can be shared with, and how it will be used.
  • What choices do you hold concerning the utilization of your information as well as the security measures that are put in place to protect it from any leakages?
  • How errors made in the information can be rectified.

Collection of Information, its Usage, and Sharing

Being the exclusive holders of all the information on the site, we are only privileged to own the information you choose to send us through direct contact or email, and not at any point can we rent it or sell the information to anyone, as we guarantee you high confidentiality by being the only ones accessing it and using it to respond to your need of reaching us, or either way, using it within our premises to meet your requests like processing of payment. We may as well feel to reach you via email to inform you about our new products and services, specials, or any changes in the privacy policy, although you still hold the right to ask us not to.

Access and control you have over Your Information

Be reminded that you have the liberty to willingly opt out of our relationship in the future by contacting us through phone calls or email. You can as well ask to know what information we have about you, if you might want it changed, have it erased, or express any anxieties you might have about the data.


Take notice that we guarantee you full confidentiality of your information both online and offline through encryption of the data especially for sensitive information like credit card data, as servers and or computers with the sensitive information are kept in a safer environment and out of bounds from reach by ordinary people, except for our employees who seek specific information to perform their duties like employees in charge of customer service and billing.


For one to be in a position to make orders with us, they are required to complete an order form where we get all the details ranging from name and shipping address to financial information like the credit card number and their validity. This information is essential as our team will use it to fill orders as well as for billing purposes. This can also be of use in contacting you in cases where we find it challenging to process your order.