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Dissertation Coaches is made up of a professional team of dissertation coaches, mentors, and tutors that have been coaching students from undergraduate to doctoral, helping them finish their dissertations and earn their respective degrees.

Dissertation Coaches With a Vision

Ready to finish your dissertation early?

Our dissertation coaches can help you write your dissertation by offering constant support along the way. Each of our dissertation coaches is, or has been a  Dissertation Committee Chair who has guided many students from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate through the process. They know what your committee wants to see. They know what your Chair really means when they say something confusing. They know what’s important to focus on and what you don’t need to worry about. Their real-time feedback has saved students weeks–and even months–of work. All of our Ph.D. coaches have earned their doctoral degrees. They currently serve as university professors, researchers, consultants, and more!

English Dissertation Coach

Karen Henthorn

Karen has keen interest on English and Comparative Literature. She writes on a wide range of Victorian literature and culture and is highly sought after for her coaching on Global Languages and Literatures.

Business Dissertation Coach

Bruce Devere

Bruce is focused on Operations and Technology Management.   His research focuses on marketing strategy, Management Practice in Strategy,  Entrepreneurship, design and management of marketing channels.

History Dissertation Coach

Michelle Dhillon

Michelle is a historian of the Arab and Mediterranean worlds, with a particular interest in the cultural, social, intellectual, and political histories of the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Levant.

Philosophy Dissertation Coach

Dave Fletcher

Dave is basically interested in Philosophy. His research focuses on Kant and the history of modern philosophy, and on themes in aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, and environmental philosophy.

Law Dissertation Coach

Celinde Brennan

Celinde is interested in Law and Government and teaches in the areas of constitutional law, civil liberties, the jury, and political theory, Torts, Advanced Torts, and Civil Procedure.  She has also taught Domestic Violence and Immigrants’ Rights and in the Clinical Law Program. 

Economics Dissertation Coach

Roger Alborough

Roger loves Economics. His teaching and research fields are international economics and applied theory and his most recent work is focused on the analysis of global value chains and on the interplay between trade, inequality and costly redistribution.

Psychology Dissertation Coach

Danielle Webb

Danielle is interested in Psychology and is highly experienced in Social Psychology. Her research stems from a merging of data science, quantitative psychology, and public health. Main interest in the combination of these fields is developing methodologies and tools for complex human data.

Law Dissertation Coach

Paul Manning

Paul is a Constitutional Lawyer and the First Amendment Law enthusiast. He is also interested in Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Law, Technology Law, Media Law,  American Constitutional Theory, Contracts, Constitutional Law,  Language and Power.

Accounting and Finance Coach

Victoria Cronin

Victoria loves Accounting and Finance. She brings extensive professional experience from her careers in both private and public accounting, where she provided audit and financial reporting services to both private and public companies. 

Art Dissertation Coach

Geneviève Lemon

Genevieve is into Art and Art History. She coaches on dissertation projects relating to Painting, Drawing, 2D Design, 4D Design, and Animation. She is an interdisciplinary coach who investigates the evolution of human interaction with queerness and ecologies in relation to art.

Management Dissertation Coach

Simon Gligora

Simon has interest on Management, where he coaches on dissertation projects relating to Magement Practice in Strategy and Entrepreneurship Organizational Behavior, Diversity, Leadership, and Human Resources. His research focuses on employment barriers and opportunities for traditionally marginalized applicant groups.

Marketing Dissertation Coach

Jeanette Lemon

Jeannette is a marketing and consumer researcher dedicated to informing two main domains: consumer relationships and product design. Her research strives for theoretical and substantive contributions and focuses on concepts of direct relevance to academia and practice. These include, for example, customer relationship management and aesthetic response styles and skillsets.

Education Dissertation Coach

Philip Loy

Philip focus is on Secondary Education and Educational Leadership. Professional areas of interest include educational leadership, educational research and evaluation, equity in education, and conflict management. He coaches on dissertation projects relating to Systems Planning for Educational Leaders, Curriculum Design and Improvement, Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Leadership, and Communication between and among stakeholders.

Criminology Dissertation Coach

Kerrie Hayes

Kerrie is a Criminal Justice junkie. Her research and study areas primarily focus on the negative effects that criminalization and victimization have on women and youth, specifically undocumented immigrants, and homeless populations. She coaches on dissertation projects relating to Symbolic Interaction, Qualitative Inquiry, Encyclopedia of Women and Crime and The Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Mathematics Dissertation Coach

Mark Womack

Mark is into Applied Mathematics. He coaches on dissertation projects relating to applying mathematics to physical problems, especially nonlinear wave phenomena, and solving problems related to using a variety of mathematical techniques from such different fields as integrable systems, solitons, and dynamical systems, Hamiltonian dynamics, Riemann surfaces and algebraic geometry, Lie algebras, complex variables, asymptotics and perturbation theory.
Nursing Dissertation Coach

Emily Chan

Emily Chan is highly experienced in the area of Human Development Nursing Science. She coaches on dissertation projects related to providing an evidence base in proving the importance of nurses caring for fewer patients each and improving nurse work environments.

Literature Dissertation Coach

Dave McKeever

Dave’s focus is in Rhetoric and Composition in the English language. He coaches on dissertation projects relating to decolonial pedagogies and embedding Indigenous ways of knowing into interdisciplinary frameworks. In addition to coaching postgraduate writing, cultural rhetorics, Indigenous rhetorics, he coordinates Ethnic and Indigenous Studies as a Faculty Associate. 

Political Science Dissertation Coach

Liz Berrington

Liz focuses on Political Science and specializes on political theory. She coaches on dissertation projects related to American Government, Political Theory (Western Political Thought and American Political Thought), as well as International Politics and Legal Studies (Democratic Theory and Democratization and International Law) thought, and constitutionalism.

Computer Science Dissertation Coach

Chris Hitchen

Chris studied computer science and ICT. He has extensive work experience in the field of education, both as a lecturer on various computer science programmes. He coaches on dissertation projects related to web/mobile application development, database systems, information retrieval, Linux system administration, and various programming languages

Computer Science Dissertation Coach

Ben Cullinane

Ben loves everything about Computer Science. His research interests include cloud computing and data centers, distributed systems, computer networks, wireless networks and communication, wireless sensor networks, mathematical modeling and optimization, performance analysis, stochastic processes, data analysis and machine learning. 

Geography Dissertation Coach

Giselle Cartwright

Giselle is into Geography and everything related to land and matter. She specializes in the field of Urban and Regional Science and Spatial analysis. She teaches classes in Intro and Advanced GIS and Cartography and Urban Geography. Her research focuses on GIS application in urban and community planning, geo-design, urban revitalization and sustainable communities.

Biology Dissertation Coach

Leanne Barnett

Leanne loves Biological Sciences. Her dissertation coaching responsibilities include General Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology and Parasitology. Her research focuses on the interaction between plants (Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato) and a nematode parasite (Meloidogyne incognita). 

Psychology Dissertation Coach

Robert Emms

Robert is into Psychology and a systems and is primarily interested in understanding how distributed networks of neurons work together to create a memory. His research focuses on sex differences in the behavioral and neuroanatomical consequences of developmental teratogen exposure. He coaches on dissertation projects related to Biopsychology and Research Methods.

Chemistry Dissertation Coach

Stephanie Aird

Stephanie’s interest is mainly on Chemical Sciences. She teaches General Biochemistry I & II, General Biochemistry I Laboratory, Chemical Principles I & II, and Survey of Chemistry I & II. Her research interests are in electron transfer in metal containing proteins with multiple applications. Her work uses a wide variety of molecular biological, biochemical, and analytical techniques to analyze these electron transfer systems.

Mathematics Dissertation Coach

Michael Jibson

Michael loves numbers and Mathematics in general. He is interested in statistical courses, such as Regression Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, and Analysis of Variance. His broad research interests include design and analysis of experiments, generalized linear models and mixed models. 

Law Dissertation Coach

Stanley Barnett

Stanley can argue about anything and win. Oh, and can also write about everything that relates to law, and mainly on issues of law and finance with an emphasis on corporate governance, corporate transactions, and shareholder litigation. Much of his recent work uses text analysis and machine learning to analyze debt agreements, merger documents, and shareholder class action complaints. 

Medical Dissertation Coach


Puleston is a director of the Health Systems Science curriculum at a leading Medical School in the United States and has been a health/medical/nursing dissertation writing coach for over 20 years. He is committed to the highest possible quality in education and research and is motivated by academic work that makes a clear difference to healthcare processes and outcomes.

Business & Finance Coach

Greg Wilkinson

Greg is recognized as one of the world’s leading dissertation coaches on business, finance, and management. He has coached largely on research projects focused on financial innovation, asset allocation, and market imperfections. He can mentor and coach about issues related to portfolio insurance, Value at Risk-based risk management, credit risk, tax arbitrage, incentive problems plaguing institutional asset management, mispricing, arbitrageurs, and monopoly power in financial markets.

Law Dissertation Coach

Matt Hepple

Matt is in to the legal profession. He spits fire when it comes to Contracts, Corporations, Mergers and Acquisitions, conflict of laws, civil procedure, U.S. foreign relations law, and private and public international law and theory. and seminars related to these topics. His scholarly interests include sanity and competency issues, police use of force, judicial ethics and various topics in law and religion. Areas of expertise include Capital Punishment, Constitutional Criminal, Procedure Criminal Law, Lawyering Skills and Procedure.

Research Methods Coach

Isabella Laughland

Isabella works primarily on methods related to the design, execution, and analysis of sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs). SMARTs give rise to high-quality data that can be used to build and optimize ATSs. She is also interested in the development of methods for causal inference using longitudinal intervention data in which treatments, covariates, and outcomes are all time-varying. A specific interest in this area has been the development of methods for examining time-varying effect moderation.

Research Methods Coach

Robert Dillane

Your methodology chapter is where you highlight the philosophical underpinnings of your research and outline the specific research design choices you’ve made. Robert imparts knowledge on the meaning and importance of research methodology in social sciences, the different types and strategies of research processes, the various concept of research, such as topics, objectives, literature reviews, hypotheses, measurements, data collection, and data analysis, and the ethics of social sciences research and researcher’s code of conduct.

Nursing Dissertation Coach

Orla Piccirillo

Orla’s clinical expertise is in the area of community health nursing. Her research involves developing interventions to enhance resilience (special interest in the connection of spiritual well-being to resilience)/promote health (holistic health including spiritual well-being) in individuals (of all ages), families, and communities. A secondary research area involves developing effective, evidence-based teaching/learning strategies for healthcare professional education. She can coach in any area of nursing and health. 

Economics Dissertation Coach

Roderick Hill

Roderick’s interest on research is mainly in the areas of econometrics, including causal inference, high-dimensional data, and machine learning. His research focuses on mathematical and statistical foundations as well as applications. He also has experience coaching dissertations students in the areas of Energy and Economics, Quant Modeling, Consumer Analytics Modeling, Tradings FDRs, Macroeconomics, Economic Development, Monetary Economics, and International Development.

Dissertation and Thesis Coaches for Hire: Guiding Your Academic Journey to Excellence

Welcome to Dissertation Coaches, where academic success meets expert guidance. Our platform, dissertationcoaches.com, is your gateway to accessing a network of seasoned dissertation and thesis coaches for hire. With a global presence that spans major cities worldwide, including New York, London, Toronto, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Singapore, and Amsterdam, we are committed to elevating your academic journey and ensuring your success.

Empowering Your Academic Growth with Expert Coaches

Who Are Our Coaches?: Our coaches are more than mentors – they are your partners in academic excellence. Each member of our esteemed coaching team is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in academia. With backgrounds spanning various disciplines, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, research expertise, and writing prowess to the table. Their commitment to your success is unwavering, and they are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your dissertation or thesis journey.

Why Choose Dissertation and Thesis Coaches for Hire?: The decision to hire a dedicated coach from Dissertation Coaches stems from a deep understanding of the challenges that accompany academic research and writing. Our coaches recognize that this journey can be arduous, laden with obstacles that require expertise, guidance, and unwavering support. When you choose one of our coaches, you’re not just gaining a mentor – you’re enlisting a collaborator who will champion your success.

The Expertise You Can Count On: Our coaching team comprises professionals who hold advanced degrees, ensuring that they comprehend the nuances of academic research, methodology, and scholarly writing. Whether you’re in the early stages of refining your research proposal or finalizing your defense presentation, our coaches possess the expertise to guide you through every phase of the process.

How Our Coaches Enhance Your Journey:

  1. Personalized Guidance: Our coaches understand that every student’s journey is unique. They tailor their approach to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the guidance that resonates with your goals.

  2. Milestone-Oriented Coaching: Your coach will collaborate with you to set achievable milestones, helping you stay on track and make consistent progress toward completing your dissertation or thesis.

  3. Research Refinement: From designing your research methodology to conducting literature reviews, our coaches offer insights that refine your research, ensuring its scholarly rigor.

  4. Writing Excellence: Our coaches are adept at honing your writing skills. They provide constructive feedback, helping you articulate your ideas with clarity, precision, and academic prowess.

  5. Preparation for Defense: Facing your defense with confidence is essential. Our coaches prepare you thoroughly, ensuring you’re equipped to address questions, articulate your findings, and defend your work effectively.

Requesting Your Coach: A Seamless Process:

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  4. Your Perfect Match: Our platform’s advanced algorithm matches you with a coach whose expertise aligns with your field of study.

  5. Initial Consultation: Engage in a consultation to discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations with your chosen coach.

  6. Customized Coaching Plan: Together with your coach, craft a personalized coaching plan that outlines sessions, milestones, and projected outcomes.

  7. Progressive Support: Your coach provides continuous feedback, refines your work, and ensures you meet your goals.

  8. Achieving Excellence: With your coach’s guidance, reach the pinnacle of your academic journey, presenting a dissertation or thesis that embodies scholarly excellence.

Dissertation and thesis coaches for hire from Dissertation Coaches are more than mentors – they are catalysts for your academic success. With their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support, you’ll navigate challenges, refine your research, enhance your writing, and present your findings with confidence. Take the transformative step of enlisting a dedicated coach who will champion your academic journey, propelling you toward a future marked by scholarly excellence.