Academic Integrity

All our users are responsible for preserving the standards of academic integrity and supporting the practices that promote a fair and just process.

Academic Integrity is always dedicated to working for clients by keeping their academic integrity higher and by guaranteeing clients original scholarships. It is also good to note that we don’t take the responsibility to write dissertations for you instead we offer you better coaching to help you produce good papers and be productive.

Plagiarism does not support plagiarism in any way, as it is academically wrong to take other people’s ideas or work and make them your own. For this case, we are devoted to helping clients know much plagiarized their work is and how to make citations, although it is their responsibility to build their ideas and work, and those taken from other sources cited appropriately. Besides, the documents offered to them directly are from open sources and therefore are not to be handed in directly as their work as they depict 100% plagiarism.


Thisas termed as writing a copy or a piece of work under someone else’s identification is highly criticized as an act of dishonesty academically and in the free world, and we will never, by any chance be involved in ghostwriting services to our clients.

Data Integrity 

Falsification or forgery, fabrication, or any form of the invention of data or information are regarded as dishonest practices and a breach of academic integrity. does not recommend this and therefore it calls for clients to keep high levels of accuracy and truthfulness when providing their information to the