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Dissertation Coaches Services provides a "small company great service" experience ​that you can't get from many other dissertation coaching services. And we do it for a lot less money, with no up-front commitments.

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Rates and Packages

We have three options. Dissertation coaching is billed on a month-to-month basis at $850 per month. For this to be a worthwhile investment, you must be committed and ready to take advantage of the speed at which coaching can help you progress. If you have specific and aggressive goals, consider discussing this with your dissertation coach. If you are not interested in receiving ongoing support and assistance, our dissertation coaches are also available for individual consultations at $85/hour. And, if you need full support throughout your program, our coaches are available to support you at $8500. 

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Dissertation Coaching

Many people can benefit from working, even for a short while, with a dissertation or academic coach. Maybe you’re struggling to make a chapter’s organization work, or perhaps your lit review won’t come together, or perhaps you have no idea how to present your results. Maybe you’re working remotely from your program without easy access to peer or faculty support. Maybe you know what you want to say but writing issues impede communication with your reader. Maybe your writing’s fine, but the lack of accountability has left you making only a trickle of progress when your new job’s start date demands a flood. If you’re struggling with any part of your dissertation, then coaching might be the solution for you.

Typical areas of assistance included in dissertation coaching:

  • Helping you develop and refine your topic and research questions/hypotheses
  • Assistance with crafting your problem and purpose statements
  • Assistance with research
  • Feedback and advice on your methodology
  • Help with organization of each chapter
  • Preparation for proposal and final defense presentations
  • Feedback on your writing/recommendations for addressing questions or concerns from your committee or school
  • Help with staying organized, setting goals, and meeting deadlines

Dissertation coaching is primarily about providing you with the support that you need to get your dissertation or other writing project done. That might be goal-setting and accountability for some people; it might be feedback and writing support for others; it might be something totally different or a blend of both for others. Together we’ll work to identify the barriers you have to getting your project done, and we’ll craft a plan for working in stages to get past them. We’ll touch base regularly via videoconference to take stock of progress and update the plan. I’ll read chapters or sections that you send me and offer feedback to see if we’re actually solving the problem. Dissertation coaching does the same thing, but for a wider variety of kinds of things – books and articles and grant applications – and for faculty as well as graduate students.

Once you’ve agreed to work together with your designated dissertation coach – and that’s a mutual decision – you’ll both sit down for an e-meeting where we discuss your progress, writing strategies, and goals. You’ll both then outline a work plan to help you reach your goals and set up a schedule of regular progress check consultations. For dissertation coaching, you will receive one-on-support, working with your dissertation coach, directly.

It ensures that you give them a better product because you’ve had more feedback on writing, structure, and organization, and it helps you get things to them on an agreed timeline. They still have the final call over what to include, how to do the analysis, etc. I will provide suggestions, as any good reviewer would, where we see opportunities to improve the analysis or research design, but the final decision is up to you and your committee.

Dissertation coaching is ideal for students who need guidance, encouragement, and support during the dissertation journey.  It’s also an effective system of accountability.

Key areas of dissertation coaching and mentoring include:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Preparing for tests/quizzes
  • Managing Long-term Assignments
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Building Self-Confidence

Yes, since each student is unique, our approach is tailored to fit the needs of each individual.  We all have different learning styles, different strengths/weaknesses, different levels of confidence, different backgrounds, different habits, etc.  While some students meet with an academic coach one/week, others may do better with meeting multiple times per week.