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Dissertation Coaches provides full-service dissertation coaching support. Our experienced dissertation coaches will help you confidently progress through every stage of the dissertation writing process, from developing the dissertation proposal to final editing, formatting, and presentation.

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Dissertation coaching is meant to come up with better methodologies for handling your dissertation or thesis. We are experts in dissertation coaching with many years of experience in helping thousands of graduate students finish their doctoral dissertations and master’s theses conclusively. For this, we understand the struggles graduates go through in handling dissertations and all we can assure you is success in the process by making you take full control of your dissertation or thesis and training you on ways to structure the process and come up with convincing and doable work plans. Our dissertation coaches will guarantee you better working plans with your chairperson and committee to help you rule out psychological barriers such as fear, anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, negative thinking, or writer’s block that may curtail your progress.

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Our expert dissertation coaches and mentors will guide you through the process of conceptualizing your research (selecting a topic, but formulating a defensible and researchable research problem), writing each dissertation or thesis chapter, analyzing and reporting results, and developing conclusions and recommendations for future research. Our approach is holistic, and we understand the needs of incredibly busy doctoral students.

Our rigorous recruiting and interview process ensures that we have the best dissertation coaches around. Our dissertation coaches are local university professors, experts in their field and accomplished professionals who possess a profound interest in education and working with students. You will find them to be engaging, patient, professional, and above all, passionate about dissertation writing. 

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No need for you to scroll through dozens of potentially unqualified dissertation coaches profiles. Our experienced support staff will match you with the perfect dissertation coach and mentor who will be the perfect fit for your dissertation's unique needs.

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What sets dissertation coaches apart is the personal attention that our dissertation coaches give to each student to provide an individualized support services that caters to each student's strengths. This means that each and every student is provided with an exclusive, one of a kind experience that is made to order.

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Our students achieved their learning goals in a very short period of time by providing them the right support and learning skills.

Dissertation & Thesis Coaching

Be advised that in case of any need, visit the Hire a Coach page and know how we carry out our mentorship help services that will help you handle your dissertation or thesis project successfully.

What to understand about Dissertation Coaching;

  • Dissertation coaching is a kind of a deal aimed to help graduates productive and accomplish their doctoral dissertations or thesis.
  • Dissertation coaching makes you psychologically responsible for issues that may hinder progress, and keep you motivated and productive.
  • Dissertation coaching can be done at any stage of research or dissertation writing process, and therefore is most open to students handling social sciences, humanities, and other hard sciences.

What to expect from;

  • Make you set and stay motivated to your short-term and long-term goals and avoid procrastination.
  • Coach you on toxic habits and behaviors, as well as issues that might hinder your progress like negative doubts, thoughts, and other psychological barriers.
  • Coach you to manage time and stress effectively.
  • Dissertation coaching will create a connection with the faculty in case you need readmission, as well as a mutual working relationship with the chairperson and committee responsible for your dissertation.
  • Inspire and support you throughout the process of dissertation or thesis including oral proposal preparations and defense meetings.
  • Our Dissertation coaches offer advice in making career options and in job hunting.

How Dissertation Coaching works;

  • Dissertation coaching is done as per agreement between the coach and the student via the selected communication avenue.
  • The dissertation coach will provide a defined scheme with a master timeline and weekly goals to keep you informed on how long the process will take, and dissertation tasks to complete on a weekly or daily basis under manageable work plans.
  • The dissertation coach will create weekly online meetings with the client to evaluate the progress, and overall challenges and to set new goals.
  • We are always there, though behind the scenes, and you will be free to contact us in case any problems arise to avoid panic.

Situations that Call for a Dissertation Coach;

  • When you get stuck due to a lack of morale, fear, self-doubt, procrastination, or the tiring nature of the process that ultimately hinders your progress.
  • When you need to feel a sense of responsibility but you feel drained.
  • When perfectionism is hard to achieve and your regular-set goals are not helping.
  • When you lack time or consistency to make progress due to the nature of your job, health issues, or children.
  • When you are facing mobility problems in your graduate program
  • When you feel your faculty or committee is not offering you enough support in your dissertation process.

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After struggling with my dissertation for many months with little help from my dissertation committee, I felt frustrated and lost. I had no idea how to tackle such a huge task with so little support or direction. I remembered that a friend had previously mentioned how helpful a dissertation coach had been to her, so I searched online and found My dissertation coach helped me formulate a plan of action, find ways to stick to it, and identify obstacles. She provided the emotional support and encouragement that was so lacking in my program. Melinda and I communicated daily through a Google Doc/Task List, and the accountability and structure that she offered were key to helping me stay on-track. In just under a year of starting my work with dissertation coach, I successfully defended my dissertation. What a great feeling! Thank you so much,!
Genevieve Buechner
After almost a full year of unsuccessfully writing my dissertation writing, I was introduced to by a my work mate. My colleagues girlfriend was completing her doctoral degree and using the support of a coach. I send an email through the order form and I was connected to a dissertation coach right here in Melbourne, Australia. We have been working together for the past one month now and as a result I have written several major chapters. There is simply no way that my writing would have started up again and continued without his support and specialized experience. He has taught me how to make a realistic plan for each chapter, maintain contact with it on a daily basis, and see it through to completion. My dissertation coach is an excellent instructor; his advice and incisive observations have helped ensure that this project keeps moving forward: this really has changed my whole approach.
Louis Vale
When I contacted the in September 2021, I was in despair. My department was putting pressure on me to finish within the academic year. I had a draft of one chapter, and half a draft of a second one (out of three), and I was going to teach full-time for the first two quarters. And I had to find a job. To crown it all, I was battling with chronic depression and I had developed crippling procrastination habits. I simply could not figure out how I was going to finish the dissertation within the little time that was allotted to me. The support team quickly responded to my email and put me in contact with a dissertation coach, who coached me for 1 ½ months. My dissertation coach really helped me build a realistic writing schedule and taught me that I could work on my dissertation even if I only had 30 minutes to spare. She was an incredible source of support and empowerment, and was there for me every single day, commenting on my progress and cheering me up. Less than a year later, I can proudly say I successfully defended and got a new job. In the end, my dissertation coach got a special place on the acknowledgements page of my dissertation. Being able to work with her was a blessing that made my Ph.D. come true.
Jason Priestley
After hearing a fellow doctoral cohort talk about how she was able to finish her dissertation after getting dissertation coaching and mentoring from, I decided to contact them directly to discuss my dissertation and my lack of progress and motivation. After my initial discussion with my dissertation coach, I discovered that she not only possessed the ability to guide me through my dissertation, but she could also provide me with the necessary tools to develop a positive strategy towards my goal while also helping me deal with life outside of the dissertation process. This was just what I had needed since I was a single parent about to be married again. My dissertation coach helped keep me focused on my dissertation goals while balancing the wedding plans, family and life. She was more than just my dissertation coach. She was an influential life coach who inspired me to succeed not only in academia but in life as well. I honestly believe that if I had not worked with a coach, I would not have completed my dissertation in a timely manner and would not have been able to secure a tenure tracked teaching position. She has my highest recommendation, and I am forever grateful to her and her work.
Eric Nordhoff

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Who We Are: Based in the bustling heart of New York, Dissertation Coaches stands as a beacon of academic support for students worldwide. Our platform is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With a global network of expert coaches spread across major cities like New York, London, Toronto, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Singapore, Amsterdam, and beyond, we bring unparalleled expertise to your fingertips.

Our Services: At Dissertation Coaches, we offer a comprehensive range of Expert Dissertation and Thesis Services. Our dedicated coaches possess a wealth of experience and knowledge across various fields, making us adept at assisting students from diverse academic disciplines. Whether you’re delving into scientific research, social sciences, humanities, or any other subject, our coaching is tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Us?: What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success. Our dissertation coaches are not just mentors; they are partners in your academic journey. With us, you’ll find more than guidance – you’ll discover unwavering support, tailored strategies, and a collaborative approach that ensures your success.

The Importance of Dissertation or Thesis Coaching: Embarking on a dissertation or thesis journey is a monumental task. The complexities of research, writing, and presentation can be overwhelming. This is where our dissertation coaching steps in. Our coaches provide invaluable insights, helping you navigate challenges, refine your research methodologies, enhance your writing skills, and ultimately produce a scholarly work of the highest caliber.

Cities We Work In: No matter where you are in the world, Dissertation Coaches is at your service. Our expert coaches are strategically located in major cities across the globe. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of New York or the scenic charm of Amsterdam, our support is readily accessible to you.

Subjects We Can Help With: Our expertise spans a multitude of subjects and disciplines. From complex technical research to profound literary analyses, our coaches possess diverse backgrounds that empower them to guide you effectively. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in engineering, psychology, business, or any other field, our coaches have the expertise to elevate your work.

How Our Process Works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with a consultation where we understand your goals, challenges, and aspirations.
  2. Personalized Match: Based on your needs, we match you with a dissertation coach whose expertise aligns with your subject area.
  3. Tailored Coaching Plan: Your coach designs a customized plan that outlines milestones, session frequency, and objectives.
  4. Progressive Guidance: Through consistent sessions, your coach offers feedback, refines your work, and ensures steady progress.
  5. Preparation for Success: As you approach your defense or submission, your coach prepares you for the final steps, ensuring you’re poised for success.

How to Request a Dissertation or Thesis Coach

Initiating your journey with Dissertation Coaches is effortless:

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Navigate to the “Hire a Coach” section.
  3. Complete the coaching request form, providing essential details about your project and requirements.
  4. Our platform’s advanced algorithm matches you with the perfect coach.
  5. Engage in an initial consultation to solidify your coaching plan.
  6. Collaborate with your coach, make steady progress, and achieve your academic goals.

At Dissertation Coaches, we’re not just shaping dissertations or theses – we’re transforming academic experiences. Our coaches are your partners, mentors, and confidants throughout your journey. Join us on this transformative expedition toward academic excellence.