Terms of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as it sets out the terms of a legally binding agreement between you and us.

Terms and Conditions

1. Service Fees, Terms of Payment, and Supplementary Services

Note that services will be provided only upon payment. Additional fees are to be made monthly as written on receipt including payment for additional services.

2. Dissertationcoaches.com Representations, Warranties, and Disclaimers

  • Dissertationcoaches.com postulates that it has all the essential skills to handle the services professionally.
  • A Dissertationcoaches.com will aid in producing better work but will not, by any chance written for the client.
  • Dissertationcoaches.com upholds academic integrity as well as making sure the client yields an original scholarship.
  • Dissertationcoaches.com will, under no warranties, offer written or verbal recommendations for processes, revisions, edits, modifications, products, and services to clients from third-party vendors or Dissertationcoaches.com, with implementation risk bound to the client and with no guarantee to take responsibility over damages caused.
  • Client’s needs to meet their goals will depend upon their commitments and hard work, as there is no full assurance that their dissertations will be accepted.
  • In case actions are to be held against the client over recommendations or modifications as delivered as service by Dissertationcoaches.com, it will not be answerable to any of the actions.
  • Dissertationcoaches.com guarantees confidentiality to all information and authorships provided by the client.

 3. Responsibilities of the clients

  • They should try as much as possible to attend all coaching meetings, and come prepared by having completed initial assignments from previous sessions, including integrating techniques and editing works suggested before, and in the ability to discuss the outcomes of the process.
  • The client is needed to attend all programmed meetings on time. In case of any reschedules or cancellations of appointments, they are needed to notify Dissertationcoaches.com twenty-four hours in advance, failure to which the Dissertationcoaches.com will choose to fine an hourly fee charged by deducting on prepaid coaching sessions or fee charged at hourly rates.
  • Clients are also required to use services provided by Dissertationcoaches.com lawfully and abide by its policies and procedures.

4. Dissertationcoaches.com Policies and Procedures

  • Coaching support and editing support are not the same services and thus need to be booked or paid for separately.
  • Clients are asked to download and do editing from the same documents sent by the Dissertationcoaches.com coaches back to them.
  • They also need to combine recommendations and the feedback from the Dissertationcoaches.com into a new version of a document.
  • The client is expected to keep connection with the Dissertationcoaches.com for purposes of effective and faster communication.

5. Client’s representations and Warranties

  • The client will ensure that all the drafts delivered to Dissertationcoaches.com are their original works.
  • The client recognizes that Dissertationcoaches.com does not support plagiarism in any way, and that copied ideas should be properly cited.
  • The client will guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of information delivered to Dissertationcoaches.com.
  • The client should acknowledge that the information provided to Dissertationcoaches.com will be the one used to provide services and in case of any discrepancies, the client will be held responsible for any errors caused as well as additional costs incurred.
  • The client recognizes that their information, relating to processes, manuals, checklists, memorandum, drafts, and templates will be handled with confidentiality by Dissertationcoaches.com as part of the agreement.

6. Cancellation Policy

Even though coaching sessions can be reorganized to meet the desired time, clients are requested to provide notice in advance, which is in twenty-four hours in case they might miss the arranged meeting. Failure to which half of the time assigned for the session will be subtracted from the remaining hours.

7. Refund Policy

7.1 Refund Policy – Coaching & Editing Services

We are responsible for delivering coaching and editing services according to your specific  requirements. Should any of your commitments be violated by the assigned coach, you’re entitled to a partial or a full reimbursement.

7.2 Refund Policy – Model Answer Writing Services

We undertake to deliver you the product that matches the deadline, quality, and instructions. If we fail to do so, you are entitled to a partial or a full refund according to this Refund Policy.

Each refund case is reviewed separately by our team. We reserve the right to deviate from the Refund Policy in case such deviation favors you as we understand that the circumstances might be unique and not fully covered by this Policy.

Cases when you are entitled to a refund:

  • No model answer writing coach assigned: In this case, we can refund 100% of the funds paid. 
  • The model answer writing coach was assigned and decided to cancel your order: We reserve the funds paid to us by you when the model answer writing coach is assigned. In this case, the refund amount varies from 100% to 20% depending on the stage of work done by the model answer writing coach.
  • Missed deadline: In such a case we may make a partial refund of an appropriate amount to compensate for the late delivery if it happened by a fault from our model answer writing coach, and we were not waiting for any information from the client. Such cases are individual and will be decided with each client.
  • Client not satisfied by the quality of model answer provided: We have agreed with our model answer coaches that they should be updating the client during the writing process. This will ensure that the client will be satisfied by the final product. Still, the client will be entitled to 30 days free revisions until they are full satisfied. If  still not satisfied, a refund process will be initiated upon agreement between us and the client. However, we will not accept quality claims after the product is approved by you and the claim is made after 30 days of delivery.
  • Tips made to a model answer writing coach: No refund claim is accepted for tips made in appreciation of work provided by the coach.

Please contact us in case of any non-described situation: coach@dissertationcoaches.com.

7.3 Refund processing

After the refund confirmation, We will process it within 4-6 business days. Please note, that the company can not be held responsible for your bank fees, processing time, and/or possible delays occurring due to any bank service issues.

Please note that all refunds will be provided via the original method of payment.

8. Failure to attend a scheduled coaching session, or making late attendance

Failure or lateness in attending a scheduled meeting will have the full value of the session deducted from the remaining coaching hours.

9. Termination of the coaching services

Remember, either party is lawfully able to terminate the services at any moment, although the client is only refunded half of the fees paid for the remaining hours. There are policies highlighted in the Academic Integrity Policy that gives us the right to terminate our relationship with a client.