About Us​

Dissertationcoaches.com offers dissertation and thesis coaching from trained graduate consultants to graduate and professional students working on theses and dissertations.

What We're All About

Dissertation Coaches was founded in 2007 by a university professor that recognized the need for high-quality yet affordable resources for doctoral students. Since then, we have expanded our team of coaches providing comprehensive one-on-one private coaching to dissertation students. Dissertationcoaches.com is a global provider several services, including dissertation coaching and editing, data analytics, writing, research, and survey services for students from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate. Our company provides expert consulting with the goal of empowering researchers through education and communication during all aspects of the research process.

Some of the areas our dissertation/thesis coach can help with include:

  • Time and project management
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Communication with committee members
  • Sustaining motivation
  • Increasing productivity
  • Feedback on work

Who We Are

Dissertation Coaches aims to equip students in the process of writing their dissertations with the necessary research skills and presentation experience so that they have the capability to undertake independent research on their own. The recent increase of online universities offering undergraduate and graduate courses, including Ph.Ds. and other doctoral degrees online has created a new challenge. Students increasingly need doctoral dissertation help and coaching through a doctoral consultant to reconnoiter their personal journey and help navigate the intense and complex terrain. Avoiding needless stress and feelings of isolation is important as you work on your dissertation. We’ll help stave off dropping out by keeping you focused on your personal and academic timelines for graduation. We’re more than just a dissertation coaches listing company, we’ll keep you on track by making ourselves available when you need us!

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Founded in 2007, dissertationcoaches.com consists of a team of outstanding dissertation coaches, mentors, and academic professionals with extensive expertise, experience and knowledge in dissertation writing and research. Dissertationcoaches.com aims to provide a holistic dissertation writing experience from the beginning of the dissertation writing process until the end which prepares student for effective dissertation defense.  Our main goal is to open a window of opportunity for students, from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate, to learn the art of dissertation writing through support from our able dissertation coaches. This instantaneously infuses a sense of research confidence on the student and ultimately produce world-class dissertations.

Our Vision: To provide a one-of-a-kind exciting dissertation writing experience for students which include undergraduate, masters, and postgraduate students; subsequently to produce competent researchers who aspire to advance knowledge and find new discoveries that will benefit societies around the world.

Our Mission: dissertationcoaches.com is dedicated to delivering rapid, structured, and exciting dissertation writing guidance that enable students to explore and excel in the dissertation writing process and later excel in their  professional careers using a truly innovative and simplified research approach without compromising on quality.

Experienced coaching

Our coaches will join you in taking a critical look at your thesis: How will you formulate your research question? How will you structure your dissertation? Do you have sufficient literature? How will you go about conducting your research? What can you conclude from it? Contact us today!

Realistic expectations

If you are a perfectionist and find yourself getting stuck on certain sections of the writing process, our dissertation coaches will motivate you to get the ball rolling again. If you're a student looking for support with your research, contact us to get help from an experienced dissertation coach today!

Set commitment

Are you prone to procrastination? By working together with a dissertation coach and setting concrete objectives, your thesis will become significantly less intimidating. This helps keep you moving in the right direction. If you're a student looking for support with your research, contact us to get help from an experienced dissertation coach today!

Where We Work: Expert Dissertation Coaches Across the Globe

At Dissertation Coaches, our reach spans the globe, with expert coaches located in major cities across North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. No matter where you are, our dedicated coaches are here to provide the guidance and support you need for your dissertation or thesis journey.

North America:

  • New York, USA: Our headquarters are nestled in the vibrant academic hub of New York. From here, we connect students with top-tier coaches.
  • Toronto, Canada: Our coaches in Toronto bring a wealth of knowledge to assist Canadian students in achieving their academic goals.
  • Los Angeles, USA: On the West Coast, our coaches in Los Angeles offer valuable insights to scholars pursuing excellence.
  • Chicago, USA: In the heart of the Midwest, our coaches in Chicago provide dedicated support for students’ academic journeys.
  • Vancouver, Canada: Nestled on the Pacific coast, Vancouver’s coaches bring a unique perspective to dissertation guidance.
  • Montreal, Canada: With its diverse academic scene, Montreal’s coaches aid students in various stages of their dissertation process.
  • Houston, USA: In the energy hub of Houston, our coaches provide innovative approaches to elevate dissertation outcomes.
  • Calgary, Canada: From the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary’s coaches offer specialized guidance for academic success.
  • Miami, USA: In the vibrant cultural landscape of Miami, our coaches inspire and guide students towards impactful dissertations.
  • Edmonton, Canada: With a dedication to scholarship, our coaches in Edmonton assist students in achieving their best work.


  • London, UK: A city renowned for its prestigious universities, our coaches in London offer valuable insights to scholars pursuing excellence.
  • Paris, France: In the heart of Europe, our Paris coaches cater to students seeking guidance in diverse academic disciplines.
  • Barcelona, Spain: From the sunny shores of Barcelona, our coaches support students across various stages of their dissertation process.
  • Rome, Italy: With its rich history, Rome serves as a backdrop for our coaches to inspire and guide students towards success.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: In this progressive city, our coaches provide innovative approaches to elevate dissertation outcomes.
  • Madrid, Spain: Madrid’s academic environment is enriched by our coaches’ dedication to fostering scholarly growth.


  • Tokyo, Japan: Our coaches in Tokyo combine tradition and modernity to assist students in crafting exceptional dissertations.
  • Singapore: A melting pot of cultures, our Singapore coaches offer a diverse perspective for students pursuing academic excellence.
  • Dubai, UAE: In the dynamic city of Dubai, our coaches provide specialized guidance to students in the Middle East.
  • Melbourne, Australia: Down under, our Melbourne coaches empower students with the skills and knowledge needed for outstanding dissertations.

Wherever you are in the world, Dissertation Coaches is committed to helping you achieve your academic aspirations. Our team of dedicated experts is just an email away at coach@dissertationcoaches.com. Ready to get started? Hire a coach today by visiting https://dissertationcoaches.com/hire-a-coach/.