We provide expert and on-demand dissertation coaching services to students, from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate. 

Expert Dissertation Coaching Services

Dissertation coaching is a service we created to help graduates accomplish their doctoral dissertations or thesis by structuring convincing working plans that are manageable and make you psychologically prepared for both internal and external barriers that may hinder progress like stress, anxiety, procrastination, negative thoughts, perfectionism, writer’s block, committee issues, no faculty support, overwhelming responsibilities and roles and straining to manage time. Therefore, our dissertation coaching process is designed to keep you motivated, productive and successful in the long run. Contact us for more information about your coaching needs.

Finish Your Dissertation Today! specializes in offering personalized coaching services for dissertations and theses, as well as consultation services to graduate students in different fields of study around the world. Since 2007, has managed to help thousands of graduate students conclusively go about their doctoral dissertations and master’s theses. 

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Our Philosophy

Handling a dissertation or master’s thesis is a period where one can learn to accept and take up challenges knowing the much proficiency they might bring, including wisdom and experience. This might bring about challenges as well, and therefore we aim to foster learning and growth that will assure the completion and success of your dissertation or master’s thesis.

Dissertation Coaching

Many students assume that joining a doctorate program would be something simple like registering for one, commencing the course, and doing simple research after which do you your dissertation and mark your graduation date. This is and has never been the case as the challenges that revolve around doctoral-level research are worth expecting hailstones, with many of the graduating students flowing in anxiety, distress, and procrastination, and even with some pulling off. However, our presence here is so that you don’t get discouraged but expect all these to be done in lesser time, and energy and also for a little pay by getting in touch with our dissertation coaching team that will help you finish your degree successfully and let you experience your post-graduate life sooner as expected.


Our dissertation coaches have a good understanding of this, they are well aware of the challenges that revolve around the process, especially in circumstances where one is involved in a full-time job and has to play a role in the family as well. Therefore, for this, we have managed to secure hundreds of domestic and international students over the last two decades and enabled them to conclusively accomplish their research projects for many, completion of the dissertation was the biggest achievement they dreamt of as doing a dissertation felt a complicated process with dead ends.

Dissertation Consulting

This is a service we designed to help graduates conduct their doctoral research or thesis. Our dissertation coaching team are experts in writing literature reviews, creating research designs and methodologies, developmental editing, holding statistical analyses, and coming up with research findings, and for this, they can help you come up with a sound study and work your way out to the final product through various mentoring programs that will see you succeed. Contact us for more information about your coaching needs.

Why is Unique

We are experts in Dissertation coaching with whom you can count on your doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis as we hold complete mentorship programs to help you find favorable research studies and designs, literature reviews, statistical analyses, content development, and preparation for defense meetings. As if that is not enough, we have good experience working with unique students internationally and have kept ourselves accountable to their needs and goals by setting them targets, evaluating their progress, addressing their self-defeating issues like anxiety and procrastination, and coaching them on time management to make the process look simpler. Our expertise lies in full project management and assurance for your positive progress with your paper coming out creatively and with full of ideas.   

Dissertation Coaching

We have modified work schemes that suit your needs and guarantee you success, whether you need help in finding a research topic, writing down your proposal, collecting data and analyzing all together, or be it preparing for your defense meeting. Our coaching team is confident to help you achieve this in lesser time.

 Dissertation Editing

With the knowledge of your committee requirements, we work to ensure your paper is in line with what is needed within the ethical strict guidelines including proper grammar, spelling, and APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian writing styles.

 Academic Career Coaching

Coaching can still be done even after your graduation with the need to publish your research articles from your dissertation to add weight to the field of research that might put you in better academic positions. Nevertheless, we help students to hunt for jobs as well as application of their skills within institutions or corporations.

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In cases that you might need our help, feel free to contact us for further discussions concerning your needs and our support system. Consultation is free and we guarantee you full confidentiality of your information. You are advised to provide all relevant information but one you are comfortable with for purposes of finding you a better match. Your email address will be needed for purposes of communication and therefore errors should be avoided. Kindly note that you are supposed to receive an automated email, failure to which you will need to fill out the form again. Remember we want to be of help to you and therefore we look forward to being part of your success. Contact us today!